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REFLECTIONS : 100 Days of Sewing Lingerie

Today I’ve completed 100 days of sewing lingerie!!

“Whyyyyyyy?” you may ask, and that would be a fair question. By way of intro – the 100 Day Project is a global, free art project – the idea is simply to choose something creative and do it every day for 100 days, and share that process online (read more here).

SO – after sewing my first underwire bra last September, I was pretty well hooked! And I figured a 100 day commitment would help me explore different techniques, fabrics & patterns that I might not otherwise. (I should add, it’s not for everyone, but it suits how my brain is wired!).

Here are my reflections!

Deciding what to make:

On day 1, I already had a fairly lengthy to-do list (!) and a “wish list” of patterns that I wanted to make.

Over the course of 100 days these plans chopped & changed a bit – partly because I don’t need more underwire bras (!!) but I also discovered some free patterns, as well as some great sales for pattern designers I hadn’t tried before.

Overall I bought 6 patterns during various sales (and made all of them – some multiple times). I also made these 4 free patterns:

– Madalynne’s Barrett bralet

– Pattern Scissors Cloth’s Ruby Slip

– AFI atelier’s Maya Bra

– Fehr Trade’s Lacey thong.

Just for fun, I signed up for 3 lingerie-related pattern tests – 1 PJ set, a sports bra and an underwire bra. These were effectively “free” (to me) patterns also.

Day 50!

Sourcing materials:

I bought a lingerie advent calendar from Pitt Trading last December, so I had a bit of a “starter kit” which inspired my first few makes. I used a lot of leftover cotton & viscose jersey from my stash as well.

Almost all of my lingerie supplies are from Pitt Trading – an Australian online store. They have lingerie kits and underwires, as well as often having bargain remnant packs and the occasional sale! I also bought some neutral bra making supplies from Emerald Erin.

What I actually made:

In the first 50 days I mostly made underwire bras & underpants. After that I branched out into sleepwear & bodysuits (aka lingerie as outerwear!!).

Overall I made 40 items:

– 10 underwire bras

– 5 soft bras / bralets (incl 1 sports bra)

– 15 underpants, of which 2 were men’s boxers & 2 period underpants

– 4 sets of summer PJ’s (1 slip & 3 x 2 piece sets)

– 3 bodysuits

My favourites:

My absolute favourite item is my second Lawren bodysuit, which I wrote a blog post about (and is pictured in the Day 80 round up above).

I’m also really happy with these matching bra & undies sets –

Sewing fails:

There were 2 items that didn’t work out.

The Devonshire bra simply didn’t fit (also first off I made completely the wrong size!!). I’ll get back to it eventually …

My toile of Simplicity 8229 was a hot mess due to bungling the fabrics (although the second try was 👌).

How it went overall:

Overall I’m thrilled with what I achieved in 100 days. This style of project works for me, as I tend to stick with things once I’ve committed. I did sew (or do sewing prep) most days, missing a couple here and there due to sickness or travel.

I had a couple of WIP’s I wasn’t too excited about but I was keen to finish before the end…. and I mostly succeeded. I am half way through my final pattern testing commitment and have two other in-progress bra. Aaaaaaand 1,000 other plans…. 😜

I’ll admit, my motivation to sew lingerie took a nosedive at about day 75 and it was hard to recover!! The pattern tests fell in the last 2-3 weeks, so that helped (external deadlines ftw 😂😂).

All that being said – yes, there are still many, many more lingerie styles I want to try! I can barely believe it but it’s true. I still want to make a better fitting strapless bra, a plunge bra, a darted cup, a long sleeved bodysuit….

For now though, I need to make some *actual clothes* for this winter – my kids need some long sleeved tshirts & sweaters, etc, so I’ll be switching over to that for a while.

And my sewing machine is booked for a well-earned service! 😜

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